Hello, you Marvelous Miracle!

Welcome to Little Miracles Everywhere! I’m Lauren Hill aka The Miracle Mama. I co-created this place for YOU.

No matter what’s going on right now, you can count on finding inspiration, words of encouragement, and deep connection to yourself, other beautiful humans, the natural world, and the Divine through the real Miracles you’ll find here.


Miracles happen every day! Are you experiencing them? Are you expecting them? Are you inviting them in? 

Do you get up and think, “This is my Miracle Morning?” Before you sleep, do you say a Miracle Prayer? Throughout your day, do you ask for and receive what the Divine is sending your way? 

Do you have questions about Miracles?
Are all Miracles from heaven? Can we create them ourselves?
There are secrets (that we don’t want to
be a secret) about Miracles and you’ll learn all of those here! 


When you need more than inspiring stories; YOU need a Miracle! Little Miracles Everywhere is your sanctuary.

Even if… your well has run dry, your bank account is exhausted, you’ve read every page of every spiritual book, memorized all the motivational quotes for women, written positive life quotes in colored ink on your arms, tattooed inspirational quotes on your ankles and toes… and you still can’t find your center, Little Miracles Everywhere will bring you back into the light and remind you of the magic and mystery of who YOU are and the power YOU have to experience YOUR own Miracles.   

“Would you believe me if I told you a Miracle is waiting to happen for you right now? Because it is.” – Lauren Hill