Meet Lauren.

Lauren Hill gets shift done! She’s an author, speaker, spiritual guide, mom to three, and the Founder and Creator of Little Miracles Everywhere. Lauren created Little Miracles Everywhere to remind us all of the everyday miracles that are literally everywhere (if we choose to see and experience them). 

As the Miracle Mama, she encourages you and everyone to put your miracle glasses on and buckle up for the ride of your life, kiddo!

As a spiritual guide, Lauren loves to support her clients to uproot their fear, uncover their authentic self, reclaim their happiness, and live a joyful, playful, miracle-filled life.

She’s a history buff, furniture restorer, avid crafter, builder, doodler, gardener and Pinterest addict (up ‘til 2am). Lauren loves to travel and when she does, you will find her in big cities riding the subway for hours while writing, pointing out miracles that others might miss, and wandering the aisles of the world’s organic grocery stores with her partner in search of delicious goodies.

Lauren is devoted to igniting a global Miracle Movement through her books, products, services and collaborations with other miracle-embracing Shifters.

She lives at the base of a majestic mountain range in the fertile farmlands of Central, CA with her 2 sons, daughter and partner.

Meet the magic behind
the Little Miracles Everywhere project:

Renae Brooks - The Sunshine
Renae Brooks – The Sunshine

“Is this the Krusty Krab?”
“No… this is Renae Brooks!”
– SpongeBob
Renae Brooks is an avid snail watcher, rabid SpongeBob quoter, animal and nature lover, dog and cat adorer, tree climber, mountain hiker, and our Little Miracles Everywhere Community & Miracles Manager.
Bubbly, charming, and connected, Renae keeps everything (especially the complex) simple and always brightens everyone’s day (with her smile, grateful disposition, and naturally sunny personality).
Renae manages:
🐌 Our Little Miracles Everywhere community 
🐌 All communications in both directions 
🐌 Social media, PR and content creation 
She’s the Cool-Headed Honcho of the Brand Ambassador Program at Little Miracles Everywhere and loves to help, support, and empower people.
She’s grateful to feel the connection with nature and enjoys the contemplative pace of snails through meditative gazing, which shifts her perspective.
Biggest Influences: Lauren Hill, creator of Little Miracles Everywhere and Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation.
When you reach out to Renae, you might catch her immersed in nature, saying hi to dogs (even when she’s in the car with the windows rolled up), or traveling around the world.
Renae and SpongeBob want you to know that “F is for friends who do stuff together!” 
So come along and do some miraculous stuff with us!

Tammy Fink - The Wonderful Wizardess of WOW!
Tammy Fink – The Wonderful Wizardess of WOW!

Follow me down the yellow brick road to the castle where this Wizardess is whipping up the WOW! Tammy is an award-winning design company owner who has worked in the field of design for over 30 years. Her company, Blue Water Design & Supply Co. is responsible for creating deep points of connection for coaches and entrepreneurs and corporations across the country. Her greatest area of magic is creating and expanding tribes through her digital expressions. What else does this Wizardess of WOW have up her sleeve you ask?  Aside from being the warmth and laughter in every room, she is in, aside from her kick-butt backgammon skills, aside from her vast knowledge of musical numbers from the Rocky Horror Picture Show…pretty impressive on that last one, right?

Tammy’s magical mystical creations also come in a BOX! These WOW boxes are Meaningful and Memorable for every soul they touch! Like a treasure chest of wonder, these boxes are used for VIP guests, speaker gifts, Podcast “thank-yous” and more! You can marvel at Tammy’s creations on her website (address below). Until then she will keep creating art that makes “God happy and the neighbors nervous”!

Jaimsyne Blakely - The Fairy Godmother
Jaimsyne Blakely – The Fairy Godmother

Jaimsyne Blakely is a profound soul and our resident Fairy Godmother. She is also a 4-time start-up Founder, Future Builder, writer, speaker, filmmaker, visionary, community builder, and coach.  

Before joining us at LME, Jaimsyne has sprinkled her magic across the branding and entertainment realms. With the tink of her nose and the wave of her wand she became the originator of the Celebrity Gift Basket and Lounge industries, the first to discount lifestyle services online, and has worked with thousands of leading brands to create the largest multi-brand campaigns in history. 

In her current company, Jaimsyne has melded her areas of expertise together to create a powerful shift for her clients through Profitability Consulting and as a Transformational Life Coach. Using deep internal processes, this Magical Being empowers Visionaries, Innovators, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Founders to clarify and share their genius, create engaged communities and ethical movements that expand human potential and consciousness, and to live their most authentic, extraordinary life. 

Around here you can find her breathing life into every one of our projects with her wisdom, creativity, and spiritual connection.

Amy Schultz - A Little Piece of Heaven
Amy Schultz – A Little Piece of Heaven

Amy is in fact, a walking miracle. In her professional life, she is a Money Coach for women and the founder of SmartGirlMoney. Amy empowers women to understand and reframe their patterns and behaviors around money so they can build the life they love. In her personal life, she is sheer magic! Mother of two, an avid reader, and a blissfully happy wife, Amy is fully embracing the miracle of being ALIVE. Amy is the Head Brand Ambassador at LME and uses her personal understanding of the power of the miraculous to support others in sharing their stories. Check out Amy’s powerful story on our Miracle Moments page. 

Cadence Hill - The Confetti
Cadence Hill – The Confetti

This magical smile maker is the joy at LME. Cadence is a stunningly beautiful one-year-old who is already world-traveled and wise beyond her years. Her favorite hobbies include giggling at her brothers dancing, pulling daddy’s beard, and eating crumbs from just about anything she can find on the floor. She also comes completely alive outdoors and is giddy with excitement at the sound of the river and the sight of leaves in the wind. She’s a powerful reminder the Little Miracles are truly Everywhere.