Do you notice them?

I believe that Miracles are the warm cinnamon roll of life, with the ooey-gooey caramely sauce of Divine love, and the sweet pecans of faith, possibility, belief, awareness, surrender, and joy, all tucked inside. The icing on that thing is you. Cuz without you, there ain’t no miracles… 

We’ve rolled out the red carpet on top of the yellow brick road and the door is wide open for you here.

So come on in… 

This right here is a respite from the outside world and a haven from whatever you’re currently experiencing. It’s a Happy Home for Your Hope, a place where you can laugh, cry, remember who you are and decide what you are truly, definitely, absolutely capable of creating. Ultimately, this is OUR Marvelous Manor of Miracles that I was guided to create for you where:

  • Grateful Souls generously share their monumental mess-to-amaZing Miracle moments
  • You are inspired to open up your heart again and receive the Miracles that are lined up and waiting for you
  • You experience a Miracle-filled life

We are creating a little piece of heaven together here, where we can enlighten each other with our experience of the magical unbelievable – stories that usually occur in the last second of the last hour – that change our lives forever.

Miracles are more than just transformation.

Miracles are an everyday part of life and they are everywhere! 

A miracle is waiting to happen for YOU right NOW. Can you embrace it? Are you willing to receive it? 

I see you, and I know there’s a miracle waiting to happen for YOU right NOW. So buckle up, because regardless of what’s going on in your life – The Miracle Maker is all up in your wings just waiting to gift you with a happy surprise. 

This is a space for you to be inspired by others’ miracles and to share Your own Miracle Moment.

Miracles grow through you noticing them. 

So put your miracle glasses on and let’s get going and growing those Miracle Moments. 

Love & Miracles,

The Miracle Mama