The Power of Threes

Imagine losing control of your body… while driving.

On July 10th, 2019, I was heading to my regular Wednesday morning yoga class. 

As I approached the stop sign at the end of my street, I lost control of my body. Instead of pressing the brake, I hit the gas and my car went flying.

“Luckily” the street ahead had a curve, so the car eventually came to a jolting stop… by a concrete wall of the neighbor’s driveway. 

Then it flipped over. 

Within 3 minutes of leaving my house, I was upside down, conscious, yet in complete shock about what had just happened.

The seatbelt held me tightly in place and as my eyes searched desperately for my phone, I saw it “conveniently” right in front of me within arms distance. 

I dialed 911. 

The operator talked to me for 7 minutes until the officers arrived. They were stunned that I was alive based on the condition my car was in. 

One of them carefully cut the seatbelt and helped me crawl out the window. After examining my body, we all realized that there were no signs of any injury – other than a tiny scratch from the seatbelt.

🙏🏻Thank God, I had my seatbelt on.

🙏🏻Thank God, my phone had been right in front of me.

🙏🏻Thank God, no other cars or pedestrians were on the street and I only had a single scratch on my body. 

That “accident” was a complete miracle on so many levels.

I would later realize that this was my first of three wake up calls. 

The second one came a month later when I was diagnosed with brain cancer – AND the third, when I was asked to leave my home shortly thereafter.

I had no car, brain cancer, and now I needed to find a new place to live. 

The “accident” that saved Ania’s life.

But blessings come in 3s, right?!

That’s what I told myself. 

I felt called to share my story seeing that the world is experiencing so much uncertainty. 

Life is uncertain. 

Nothing is guaranteed. 

AND it can shift just as fast as it arrives.

If you want to hear another miracle, read on 🙂

On Lion’s Gate (8/8), I fell on my face after a seizure and the doctors discovered a 5cm brain tumor. 

They were preparing my family for the worst-case scenario. We were told I may not be able to walk or talk and would require chemo and radiation.

Meanwhile… my main concern was how I was going to celebrate my birthday, which was just days after the surgery. 

“I don’t have cancer. I’m having a cancer experience”.

In my natural fashion, I asked all my friends to come in tutus. It was going to be a Tutu Tuesday Birthday Celebration, held in the hospital garden. 

Tutus, pizza, friends and dancing (even in my wheelchair) was my real medicine. 

And I needed that medicine.

Unable to do anything myself, I was determined to control the one thing I could: my mindset. I became laser-focused on my health and increasing my vitality. I visualized myself walking and I enjoyed “watching“ the sunset everyday. 

I shared my healing journey online, and strangers from all over the world sent me photos of themselves enjoying the sunset. 

My hospital room reflected wellness – I had a diffuser with essential oils, friends were bringing me fresh food (with occasional pizza and dessert, obv) and I continued my daily meditation practice. 

My determination to heal created a beautiful ripple effect of inspiring others to enjoy the simple things in life that I couldn’t, but desperately longed for. 

I kept on saying “I don’t have cancer. I’m having a cancer experience”. 

Many of my friends were concerned, thinking I was in denial. 

I was seeing them in denial, too – denial of the power of my mind – and their own. 

😇 2 weeks post surgery, I started walking again. 

😇 6 weeks later, all my MRI scans came back clear.

😇 I no longer have cancer, nor any need for chemo or radiation. 

THAT’S the power of 3’s and of the Miracle Mind

Whatever you’re going through right now, I encourage you to not just try it, but to LIVE by it! I did and you will, too.

Ania Volovique
Soul-Expression Photographer
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